Denture Lining​

An oral prosthetic liner like no other.

  • You can tighten the fit around attachments.

  • You can use it as a viable tissue conditioner.

  • You can fashion bite guards.

  • You can bond Bio-Soft to titanium.

  • It needs no refrigeration.

How Bio-Soft Began.

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Bio-Soft is a division of Better Health Systems, Inc.  The product was purchased in 1981 from a group of doctors and businessmen who developed the material after months of research and testing. Without resorting to using lacquers, binders or separators, these doctors and technicians created a soft denture liner with only monomer and powder.

Bio-Soft Does dentures and...

Bio-Soft is an acrylic oral prosthetic soft denture liner.  It is a marriage of powder and monomer that makes "ethyl-methacrylate", a soft acrylic that allows the denture wearer to eat difficult-to-chew foods without discomfort. 

Bio-Soft is easy to use and is less technique sensitive than other soft denture liners.   Available in either Heat or Self Cure formulas, Bio-Soft will not develop bacterial or fungal growth, matches the color of tissue and properly maintained, both formulas will remain pliable in the mouth anywhere between two to four years.

Each Bio-Soft kit includes processing instructions for the doctors or laboratories and cleaning instructions for the patient. ​It has been sold throughout North America for more than 25 years.